I lice in a headset for work - 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. I bought a Plantronics DSP 500 year ago when I was podcasting semi-professioanlly for a non-profit group and use the same (USB) headset for my current job. The headset is comfortable for long term wear and can get louder than you can handle. The mic is… » 3/23/12 1:36am 3/23/12 1:36am

As the other commentors have already mentioned criminals already know this stuff or at last where to find it. People are not made less safe by aggregating this info; however, exposing the general population to this does help dispel the illusion of security and encourage them to upgrade to better/safer/more secure… » 1/09/12 6:55am 1/09/12 6:55am